What Can You Accomplish in 60 Days?

I recently joined a freelance writer’s group called the Copywriter Café. Therein is a group called the Café Writers, a paid group which gives you access to a certain set of guides and a community of strong writers. One of the resources available is the 70 Day Sprint, a 70-day challenge to build a better business.

I’m currently on Day 10 and have learned loads so far. The group and guide give me plenty to think about as I craft this business I’m working on.

My participation in this challenge again brings to mind Darren Rowse’s “habitual dreamers vs. habitual action-takers.” I’ve been a mixture of both over the past few months. However, my actions have mainly been dedicated to my full-time job and the large client that I currently have. I haven’t dedicated any time to growing my business or working on my blog, something I need to do if I intend to turn freelancing into a full-time opportunity.

Since I am on Day 10 there are 60 more days in the 70 Day Sprint. 60 days from today is Sunday, May 7th, 2017. This led me to the question:

What can I accomplish in the next 60 days?

What Can I Accomplish in 60 Days?

I can get through the 70 Day Sprint.
I will establish a business website.
I will post once a week on my blog.
I will have just over one year sober.
I will be five months on testosterone.
My name change will be official on all of my legal documents.
I will climb a V3 project in the gym.

Staying On Task, Staying Organized

Okay, but I’ve made goal posts in the past. You’ve read them if you follow this blog. I’ve moved closer towards some of them but have no way to measure my progress. Something I’ve learned about establishing Key Performance Indicators when working in marketing is that your goals must be SMART:

Specific: Real numbers with real deadlines. I can’t say “Climb harder projects.” I can say “Climb a V3 project.”
Measurable: I have to be able to track my progress towards the goal. How close am I to setting up and launching my website?
Attainable: The goal must be possible to achieve within a reasonable amount of time. Accomplishing the 70 Day Sprint challenge is perfect for that.
Realistic: Having a year sober when my sobriety date is April 19th, 2016 is a realistic goal.
Time-Sensitive: Setting up goals that are bound to a specific date will encourage me to work harder to achieve them.

How can I stay on task and organized while working towards these SMART goals?

I go weak in the knees for a good organizational app or a to-do list tracker. I’ve signed up for dozens but abandoned most of them because they aren’t just right. I always tend to fall back on a physical planner/calendar combo that keeps things all in one place. However, with how forgetful I am, having push notifications on my phone is incredibly helpful. Usually I set alarms in my phone and label them with the task that needs to be done.

I recently found a to-do list task tracker called Todoist that sends push notifications to my phone about the tasks I input. This is perfect for someone like me. I keep my assignments from my client, appointments I need to go to, and reminders of things to do after work. Seeing the notification on my phone reminds me of what I need to do at the exact time it needs to be done. It’s perfect.

Evernote has been fantastic in keeping many of my documents organized. I’ve got notebooks for everything from my freelance business to Elliott in Recovery to another blog I abandoned months ago.

Selecting My Priorities

I like to think that I can accomplish every single thing I set my mind to but I tend to become overwhelmed and give up on all of it. This is one of the most negative aspects of my personality that I have to work daily to fix.

Rather than setting up a massive list of goals, I find that when I establish small groups of projects there is a much better chance I’ll complete them. Small, daily to-do lists are helpful and keep me on track. SMART goals will allow me to feel as though I’m making progress, rather than working towards an aimless goal of “Get farther along in my transition.”

My priorities are the items I listed above. These are the projects I will work towards over the next 60 days.

What Can You Accomplish in 60 Days?

60 days, 2 months. It’s a decent chunk of time. What would you like to accomplish in the next 60 days? Where would you like to be? Join me if you would like to. Establish a few goals or projects you would like to accomplish over the next 60 days along with me.

Let me know in the comments what your goals are. I’m interested to know what other people would like to accomplish over the next two months!