Halfway Through.

We’re just over halfway through the 60-day period now.

Can you believe it’s already been 35 days?

(Which also means it’s been 35 days since my last blog post .. again I have slacked)

Admittedly, I achieved the minimum amount possible to keep me going. I go to work at my day job, finish my work for my clients, attend to my commitments, and crash into bed at the end of the night.

I experienced a minor life upheaval and massive change of plans during March. It was both expected and unexpected; a twisting confusion of realizing it was inevitable yet hoping and praying for the best. However, life is in session and no one promised it would be easy. I had a few weeks to seek a new living arrangement and move an entire apartment and two dogs.

I moved into my new place on Saturday, though, and the best part of the whole deal is that I have a real desk now! After using a patio table in the “living room” area of my studio apartment for the last two years, a real desk has been a fantastic change of pace. I also got an office chair instead of a metal-framed, wicker-seated patio chair.

The new desk has provided a welcome change of perspective. I now feel like I’m sitting down to work in a real home office.

Did you set any goals? How far along are you?

That 35 days seems to have flown by. Although I’ve had much on my mind to keep me occupied, it still seems like it’s been quicker now that I look back.

So did you set any goals? How far along are you on them? Have you achieved anything you set out to do? Or are you at least somewhat started on it?

If not, I understand. Life happens and things get in the way, no matter how good our intentions are. I’m still working on building this side business but I’m unsure of where to head with it. I’m hoping to somewhat sort that out over the remaining 24 days of the sprint.

Steve focuses on not strictly upon building a copywriting business but using copywriting skills to build a business that’s unrelated to copywriting. I had never thought of it that way before. I don’t quite have ideas about what kind of business to make but I like the sound of the approach.

I’ve been thinking over the past few days about different problems I can solve for various businesses. I have never thought in this way before so it’s interesting to retrain my brain to be a problem solver.

Could I consider myself a problem solver? A hustler?

I’ve always been one to McGyver solutions around the house and figure things out. I’ve never been business-oriented until last October or so, though, so this is all new to me. To consider how to help businesses solve their problems is a new way of thinking.

I can apply my problem solving from other aspects of my life to solving business problems as I continue to learn more. I’m currently reading two books:

  • Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online… by Russell Brunson
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

I’m thinking more about sales, something I have little experience with. I worked in restaurants for most of my life where I flirted with upsells, but no one ever directly taught me how to sell.

After the restaurants I transferred into getting through school by the skin of my teeth and cramming as many substances into my body as I could find. I focused on staying high all the time but never on the hustle. Student loans helped pay for things so I didn’t worry much about hustling for anything.

Now that I’m clear-headed and on my own, there are bills to pay and things to take care of. I learned about the world of entrepreneurship when I received this content writing job last July. It’s a captivating and interesting group of people to surround myself with. The more the fog has lifted the more ideas I have.

24 more days to go.

If you started on your goals, keep going! If you haven’t started yet, get to stepping!

There are 24 more days in my 70 Day Sprint and I’m interested to see what I can accomplish over the next three weeks. Now that I settled in (and have a DESK!) I feel more focused and driven, aiming to establish my intentions.

I realized Elliott in Recovery, my blog, has become somewhat directionless. It developed into a sort of stream-of-consciousness, documenting whatever is taking place in my life at any given moment. As I have yet to post consistently there is very little following.

I don’t know exactly what my goals are with this blog. I imagine if they were more developed I could be more intentional about the things I post. I don’t know that anyone is interested in the ramblings of a 25-year-old transgender alcoholic but that’s what it’s been so far.

You watched me stumble as I check in occasionally, always apologetic yet never taking the action to adjust my habits. Words are just words; the real proof is in my actions.

I’ve got 24 more days, friends.

Let’s see what I can do.